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On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts

On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts
On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts








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Animal Therapists Listing Guide
Alternative Therapies or Alternative Veterinary Therapies have become more popular for pets and other animals and in recent years we have seen a rapid growth in the Therapists offering this service

Therapy product and service providers who specialise in Therapy for animals and pets:-
Horses, Dogs, Cats

See a full description of these therapies on page-- Animal Therapies Guide

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Janine Dawn

TelNo: 07753146143


Animals sense healers. They are naturaly open to it. Your animal will take as much as they need.

I will pinpoint pain spots and boost or relax your animal depending on their need.

Area: Blandford Forum
Town: Dorset

UK Animal Communicator - Pea Horsley
Animal Thoughts
PO Box 60020
London SW16 9EB

TelNo: 020 8696 9121

I'm a professional animal communicator working compassionately to help you understand what your pet is thinking. I act as a direct channel between you and your animal with the aim of bringing resolution and comfort. All concern welcome from behavioural, physical or lost pets to those who are dying or have passed over. I offer phone/email readings and home visits. Please call me to discuss your needs.

Animal Healer - Pea Horsley
Animal Thoughts
PO Box 60020
London SW16 9EB

TelNo: 020 8696 9121

Reiki, energy healing, is ideal as an alternative therapy for animals because it is gentle and non-invasive. Reiki promotes health, heals illness both physical and emotional and compassionately supports the dying process. My practice offers distant healing and home visits. Please call to discuss your needs

Flower Therapies
West Sussex
Natural Therapies available to you and your pets and animals from a friendly and intuitive practitoner.
Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki Healing,
Flower Essences, Energy Therapy for Animals

Sundt Therapies

Also cover Surrey, Kent and Sussex
I practice Equine Shiatsu and Animal Reiki. I am fully qualified and insured and I am a Reiki Master, and have been treating animals for over 7 years.
I strongly believe in the therapies I offer and their benefits to animal and owner.

Colour Therapy Healing
High Banks, 108 Limmer Lane,
Bognor Regis,
West Sussex. PO22 7LP

TelNo: 01243 585609

Animals respond so well to Colour Therapy Healing. Consultations available, workshops, courses and talks.

Penny Green
39 Princes Avenue
Worcs WR9 7DE

TelNo: 01905 776411
Merishia Canine Massage - Remedial therapy for dogs of all ages, and all activity levels

West Mids Area

Mysti-skies German Shepherds
Froghole Farm
Okeford Fitzpaine

TelNo: 01258 861673

We are Animal Aromatics Practioners and can teach you to treat your animals. We also run a number of workshops covering holistic therapies for all animals including, reiki, massage, aromantics, bach flower and shiatsu

Area: Dorset
Town: Okeford Fitzpaine

Woof 'n' Water Ltd
5 Hackett Drive
West Midlands

TelNo: 0121 558 5020

The only rehabilitation centre owned & run by an Animal Physiotherapist - Lee Rudge PGC A.Phys. We provide Physiotherapy for Horses, dogs & Cats and Hydrotherapy for Dogs & Cats, Professional Canine Treadmill & Dog Grooming. Covered by most leading Pet Insurers


TelNo: 07947 623923 / 01673 818268

Description: Soft tissue therapy & Equine Manipulation. Treating the whole body, not just a "bad back". Quicker recovery from injury & illness. Very safe, efefctive and enjoyable treatment! No slapping/force!!Has your horse got tension/pain/unlevel/restricted stride/discomfort? ALSO HUMAN CLINIC - horse riders massively effect the horses way of going. Injured/had a fall?

Area: Lincolnshire, Yorkshire
: Most racing yards

Innate-Scents Animal Therapy

TelNo: 07773463423

Zoopharmacognosy therapy offers a gentle approach for starting sick, diseased, and injured animals onto a self propelled path to health. Suitable for all species, including livestock, reptiles, and birds. Increases well-being and activity levels, assist with positive disease transformation, reducing symptoms such as pain or anxiety, accelerates the natural healing process, supports the immune system. Therapy is safe and effective, now used at London's' Battersea Dogs' Home. I offer home and yard/farm visits in the UK as well as small group workshops. Other services included are animal communication and reiki. Fully insured.

Ki To Life

West Yorkshire

TelNo: 07908510361


Reiki master/ healer and animal healer.
Receive the benfits from this wonderful treatment. Also courses available Reiki 1, 2 and masters.

Canine Massage Therapy Centre
TelNo: 01562 630535


Consistent Results Produced With Private Canine Massage Treatments, 1 Day Workshops For Owners, Diploma Course To Practitioner Standard, Mobility Shop For Dogs

Area: Worcestershire, West Midlands

michelle childerley
Walsh House
Huntingdon Road

TelNo: 07708637727


Michelle Childerley is an experienced and intuitive animal communicator recently featured on Sky One's popular series Pet Nation. She is qualified in The Balance Procedure & EFT (emotional freedom technique) methods both being energy techniques that enable the quick release of emotional blocks in animals.

Michelle has worked with a huge variety of animals over the last 4 years. She has worked with horse racing trainers, wild life parks and as a regular volunteer at Wood Green Animal Shelters, communicating with rescue pets about what's happening to them and helping them adjust to the change.

Sense of Knowing
10 Busdens Lane
Godalming, Surrey

TelNo: 01243 601424

Reiki Healing for people and animals. One-to-one or distant treatments. Fully registered and insured

Area: Surrey

Town: Guildford

Reiki for Animals and People

63 Frank Bodicote Way
Derbyshire DE11 8JX

TelNo: 0794 137 1894

Reiki is a deeply relaxing complementary therapy for animals and people. Sally is an insured Reiki Practitioner working within six miles of Swadlincote, South Derbyshire.

Area: Swadlincote

Free North West 07749 414539

Derbyshire, Cheshire

Bowen therapy for people and horses

I work from two clinics - one in New Mills and one in Macclesfield. I also travel within Derbyshire and Cheshire to treat horses at their stables

Area: Derbyshire, Cheshire
Towns: New Mills, Macclesfield

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