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On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts

On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts
On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts








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Crystal Therapy courses guide

Crystal Healing is a gentle, relaxing, natural and non-invasive form of alternative therapy that works holistically harmonising the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, remove negativity, lift depression and generally help us to become integrated, whole beings.

Courses, Lessons, Tuition and Training in Crystal Healing.
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Further information about Crystal Healing

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Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


Crystal Workshop - 2 days
Price: £65 per person per day
Natural minerals formed over thousands of years resonate with their own individual frequency. Crystals are used in a variety of ways to help restore the natural balance and flow of energy within and around our bodies, promoting harmony of body mind and spirit. This session introduces the
to subtle energies, crystal grids, using a pendulum and balancing the chakras

Crystal Acupuncture - 1 day
Price: £65 per person per day
Pre requisite: learners will need to attend crystal workshop first
This is a non- invasive approach to Acupuncture that utilises crystal energy to release blockages within the meridian system to promote balance of the whole.
You will review the meridians and major acupuncture points and learn how to apply a Crystal Acupuncture treatment.

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

Melanie Reiki Master/Teacher and Holistic Therapist

17 Wisdom Drive
SG13 7RF

TelNo: 07771560077

EmailAddress: melaniepitman1@gmail.com

Courses available in Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters/Teachers.
1 Day Crystal Healing courses.
Fun Evening Crystal workshops.
Twice Monthly Meditation evenings.

Town: Hertford
Area: Hertfordshire

Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki and Sound Healing
Lesley Carol
Atlantis College
Higher Washford Farm
TA23 0NS
Atlantis College runs recognised training courses and consultations in person and distantly.
The College teaches Reiki, Sekhem, Seichem,
Sound and Crystal Healing to teacher degree and for Self-Realisation.

Heavenly Guidance
"Crystal Cottage"
19 Duncalfe Drive
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 5EX
Usui Reiki Healing
Psychic Day course
Psychic Development Group Workshop
Introduction to Crystals - Day course s

Heaven-Wise Health
9 St Joseph's Close

TelNo: 01722 341691


Workshops for Personal Development: Angels, Spiritual Growth, Crystal Healing and Reiki


Healing Connections

The Farrows
Main Rd, Higham. Alfreton
Derbyshire DE55 6EH

TelNo: 07779 109349

Usui & Karuna Reiki Training and Attunements.
Breathing and Sound Therapies.
Crystal, Esalen and Body massages, Tibetan healing, Meditation,
Herbal wraps

Crystal Healing Light pendants transmit quantum waves of rainbow light to energetically transform imbalances and disharmony in your subtle bodies, to benefit your health and well being

Gateway to Illumination
25 Broom Av
Pilsley, Chesterfield
S45 8HS

TelNo: 01773 875925

EmailAddress: l.fletcher694@btinternet.com

Spiritual Readings
Meditation Workshops
Crystal and Angel Healing Workshops

Area: Derbyshire


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Crystal Healing is a method of healing that uses vaious rcrystals which are placed on or around the full clothed body helping to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain and help heal and restore energy balance. The crystals help release and clear negative energy, thereby assisting in energy healing.
The treatment can take around an hour and crystals may be used singly or in patterns. They are placed on sites of pain, on acupuncture points or meridians, or on subtle energy vortexes called chakras.
This form of healing has been in use for over 5000yrs. It was used in Ancient Egypt, in India’s Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine all claim the use of healing with crystals.



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