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Alternative & Complementary Therapies suitable for Children or Babies
Eastern cultures have been using various alternative treatments for thousands of years for both adults and children of all ages. In the West we have been slow to use many or the treatments available.
As the use of Alternative Therapies for adults has increased so we have seen a growth the popularity of this kind of treatment for children of all ages.

Popular Therapies used for children, toddlers and babies

Therapists offering treatments for women in pregnancy or during childbirth.

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Books on Alternative Therapies for Children, Toddlers & Babies


Popular Therapies used for children, toddlers and babies
Currently a wide range of complementary and alternative medicine therapies are available for children and babies, these include massage, acupuncture, reflexology, herbs and dietary supplements, chiropractic care, naturopathy, and homeopathy.

Aromatherapy :
Aromatherapy uses essential oils to help balance health. Generally the oils are applied in a base cream, lotion or oil and blended by a qualified therapist. Essential oils are readily absorbed through the skin and may be administered via baths, compresses,
inhalation and massage. If you visit a clinic the most popular way of application is by massage. The therapeutic essential oils pass through the skin in very small amounts to do their healing work within!
These oils reduce anxiety and enhances feelings of calm, and is often used in conjunction with other therapies e.g. meditation, imagery/hypnosis, or massage

Will increase relaxation and decrease muscle tension or soreness
It provides stress reduction and has a calming effect. Or, if your child is blessed with health, massage facilitates positive neurological, social and emotional development in addition to establishing a routine for, and value of self care at an early age. The list below highlights some of the benefits for pediatric massage:
• Decreased anxiety, stress and tension
• Pain reduction (even from chronic and degenerative diseases)
• Enhanced body image
• Increased bonding and attachment
• Increased self esteem
• Healthy sense of boundaries
• Decreased behavioral issues
• Overall sense of well being

Art therapy:

Is a popular choice to help children cope with change, reveal emotions and concerns that they may have trouble verbalising, while reinforcing any healing images created during guided imagery and hypnosis
The aim of art therapy is to create positive change through engagement with a therapist and the art materials in a safe, comfortable environment.
Art Therapy is an effective way of working with children who may be going through a difficult time, often due to specific changes in the child’s life, for example, trauma, divorce, bereavement, bullying, arrival of a new sibling etc. This may be difficult to put into words, or even unknown in spoken language, but can be expressed through the artwork or sandtray. It can provide kids with an easier way to express themselves as children are usually more naturally artistic and creative. Young childfen are likely to be more comfortable initially expressing themselves with some crayons and markers, for example, than they are going to be at expressing emotions and feelings through words.

Is a gently calming and can help with fears, anxiety, tantrums, etc. Generally considered to be a safe
and successful therapy for children.
Homeopathy is a medical method that has been used in the US for over 200 years. Nowadays many parents are concerned about interactions, side effects and contra-indications of prescription and over the counter drugs. Homeopathic methods, are free of these causes for concern, and is enjoying a popular revival. Homeopathy is a natural and mild medicine. The remedies are natural substances which have been diluted and potentised many times so that when used according to the homeopathic method, they stimulate the child's own defenses to move your child toward a healthier state without causing any side effects

Acupuncture which is used widely in many Eastern countriesis a safe, alternative form of preventative medicine that strengthen thes child and reduces symptoms of negative behavioral patterns and disease.
Acupuncture is theancient Chinese practice that usually employs the use of fine needles on the skin to restore the body from symptoms of illness, injury and disease.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) belives that energy channels (meridians) run all over the body nourishing tissues with energy. When blocked, the energy is obstructed and prevented from nourishing the tissues, which may result in poor states of physical, emotional and mental health.
Although acupuncture needles are quite thin and gentle on the skin's surface, many acupunturists may treat symptoms through the combined use of acupressure (applied with finger and hand pressure) and:
•Blunt probes
•Brushes .
The practice is based upon the principle that young children are more susceptible to the healing affects of meridian and point stimulation, making it unnecessary for the child’s skin to be pierced with needles.

Conditions that may be treated successfully by Acupuncture
•Jaundice (in newborns)

Reflexology, as a Complementary or Alternative treatment, for childrent, has seen a large growth in popularity, use and general acceptance.
Initially most patients were adults but recently we have seen Reflexology becoming very popular for use with babies and small children particularly, in the age range of 2 weeks to two years
Reflexology has been used to improve some of the common problems young children suffer from teething, colic, constipation, catarrh, bed wetting, asthma and boosting the baby’s immune system; but probably the biggest plus is the calming and relaxing feelings that result.


It is always advisable to tell your child's health care providers about any Alternative/Complementary therapy you are considering or using for your child, and ask their advice. This will help to ensure coordinated and safe care.


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Therapists offering treatments for children, toddlers or babies.

The Hypnotherapy Practice

within Kingfisher Golf & Country Club
Off Buckingham Road (A422)
Nr Deanshanger, Milton Keynes
MK19 6JY

Tel: 07990 521266


Many issues treated inc. weight loss, stop smoking, phobias, anxieties, depression, OCD & children's issues. Expectant mums can benefit from relaxed childbirth sessions. Free consultation available to all.

Gentle Karma inc Gentle Karma Kids & Teens
St Neots
Lisa offers Reiki treatments & courses, nurturing baby & child massage courses for parents, reflexology & Hopi ear candling. She specialises in intensive combination treatments & holistic sessions for children & teenagers.

Lostock Hall Homeopathic Clinic
140, Fir Trees Ave
Lostock Hall
Preston, Lancashire

TelNo: 01772 313742


Karen Ross BSc(Hons), RSHom. I run a general family practice but have a special interest in treating children from 0-16 Children grow rapidly and are constantly having to adapt to the physical and emotional challenges that face them. Homeopathy can help children to develop and adjust to changing circumstances and heal the physical ailments that may be brought on by these events.

Sue Ricks Clinic and School

TelNo: 01509 214373


: I provide training and treatments in Gentle Touch Reflexology, advanced reflexology skills, Reflexology for Babies and Children and other therapies. I run a clinic offering therapies including Reflexology, Reiki, NLP, EFT, Life Skills and also treatments for babies and children.

Totally Holistic Health

47 Cheadle Road

TelNo: 0161 374 2602


Advanced bowen technique, pregnancy massage; baby massage; aromatherapy; reflexology;reiki; hot stone massage; natural face lift massage; tibetan acupresssure head massage.

Town Stockport
Town: South Manchester

Lazy Daisy
2 Lacewing Close
Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Hypnobirthing, Yoga for Children, Doula

Barbara Wicks - Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT)
Lilac Tree Cottage
13 Londsdale Close


Nutritional therapy for all ages, including babies, pre-conception help and senior citizens. Also Airnergy oxygen treatments and revolutionary allergy and sensitivity removal treatment with NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Ellimination Techniques) See my website for more details.



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Books on Alternative Therapies for Children, Toddlers & Babies



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