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On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts

On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts
On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts








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  2. Address 1, 2, 3 :- Only enter the details you want to appear on your listing entry. You may not want your full address displayed but it would be useful to put at least the town or area you operate in (try to avoid UK or worldwide)
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BASIC LISTING (a freet listing to get your business online)

An opportunity to promote your business online, which Includes your basic company details: name, address, telephone number and email address plus a 40 word description of the services you offer

We allow up to 3 free entries( at no extra cost) for any one business and you can amend your details at any time. You can even upgrade to a Feature Listing, at a later date, to achieve a higher profile for your Business.

In the description details we suggest you include all the therapy types you offer.

The Basic Listing does not include a link to your website (Feature Listings only). Please do not include your website address as part of your listing details. **We will not upload it.**


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FEATURE LISTING (high profile business promotion from only £20)

Feature listings offer a high page profile and further promote your business by providing a link to your own website.

The feature listings appear before all basic listings on the page and are presented on a "first come first served" basis

The charge for a featured listing is a one off fee of £25 payable via most major cards or Paypal

This cost can be reduced to only £20 if you provide a reciprocal link to www.therapiesguide.co.uk on a prominent page of your website.

The reciprocal link must be in place before we upload your entry details and we will check regularly to ensure it is still in place (if the link is removed we will inform you that we are cancelling your entry with no refund)

(After your form has been successfully submitted you will be directed to a page where you can make the relevant payment, when we receive this payment your listing will be uploaded)


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Books on Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Herbal-Therapy The Guide to Herbalism, Herbal Medicines, Natural Cures and Therapies.

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