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Information about Reiki - Five Usui Reiki Principles
Information and benefits of Reiki as a complementary therapy treatment.

Reiki is a form of touch therapy in which the therapist uses a both the laying on of hands and distant healing techniques. The therapists treats those parts of the body he or she senses are emitting weak energy, by laying his or her hands close to the site of the problem, this enables energy to start to flow through the therapist’s hands to the patient.

At the heart of Usui Reiki are five Principles. Dr. Usui believed
that in order for anyone to practice Reiki and transfer healing
energy to others, they must first take responsibility for their
own health and well being. He developed these five principles
and defined them as:-
"The secret method to invite happiness.
The spiritual medicine for all diseases of the body and mind."
(There are many translations and variations of wording but the ideas behind the principles
remain the same)


Five Usui Reiki Principle

Do not get angry today

Do not worry today

Be grateful today

Work hard today

Be kind to others today

These principles should be spoken daily.

Do not get angry today
Anger is a great destructive force; it hurts others as well as ourselves. Anger can close us off from love and compassion.
Try to detach yourself from situations you feel are engendering any feelings of anger; do not suppress the feeling for it to return another time. Anger will create a massive leak of the vital energy force from our systems
Remind yourself that anger is not your true nature and as such it will pass, try to acknowledge it, witness it and let it go forever.
Remember the opposite of anger is calmness.

Do not worry today
Like anger worry will also create another great vital energy leak. While anger deals with past and present events, worry deals with perceived future events and happenings. Although worry is not always a negative phenomena, we should all disregard thoughts of future events and circumstances over which we have no ultimate control.
The source of worry is fear of change, one thing we do not always have absolute control over.

Be grateful today
We should all try to be grateful and show appreciation for the many blessings that happen in our lives, especially when times are difficult. By being grateful we can eliminate worry.
If we live in a state of gratitude, appreciating and giving thanks for the many blessings of life we can help transform negative attitudes and thoughts into positive ones.
When we are grateful for all that we have received, and when we believe that we will continue to receive these things then we will attract abundance.

Work hard today
We should all work to the best of our ability each day. No job is too humble that it does not require our full effort.
Through work we learn and grow, our whole day should be filled with an effort to work hard and honestly at all we do.
Devotion will grow through working hard.

Be kind to others today
We should all endeavour to show show kindness to our fellow men. We must honour all living things and be tolerant of the way others choose to live their life
It is important that we acknowledge that being kind and friendly to everyone must include ourselves.

The importance of "today" is applicable to all of the five principles. The way you live "today" will determine whether or not you will complete the necessary learning. We should all strive to fully live each and every moment and this and every whole day.

The Five Reiki Principles are found on the memorial stone commemorating Dr.Mikao Usui, Founder of the system of spiritual development and healing known as Reiki.
The Principles of Reiki according to Dr. Usui are essential to long term effects. Applying the 5 principles of Reiki into your daily life will enhance your personal growth and bring empowerment into your world. Meditating on them will strengthen your healing session.

Read much more about Reiki in one of these excellent books.....




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